Out now on iTunes, the new single from excellent duo The Humble Grapes is a fine example of great songwriting. Drawing on the pathos and emotion which is inspired by their home town and this most famous of landmarks, the track represents a top class release for songwriting duo Brie Capone and David Kaufman.

Already something of a fixture in the New York music scene, the pair are now looking to win over fans further afield. And with more releases like this, they are sure to find an audience.



A new single from US rap artists Souleye, ‘The Victim’ is a hip hop tune with a conscience. Holding the attention with plenty of atmosphere, it kicks in with impact and keeps the feel ramped up throughout.

This is stylish work from an artists who has established himself to a certain level and is looking to build on that. And on this evidence, that shouldn’t be too hard.


 Independent US group aim for a fresh new blend

An impactful 4 piece based around a thumping foundation of shredding and guitarmonies, Kadooge! are a self-produced rock outfit based in Aurora, IL. Massive lovers of rock and top notch musicians, they have been compared to the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age, but with the added, off-kilter melodic touches of Pink Floyd.

These are not comparisons to be taken lightly. There’s no escaping these four musicians’ musical pedigree. Revelling in guitar distortion, a pounding rhythm section and at times pure momentum. It’s all topped off by Pat Goode’s tight vocal complimented by well-placed harmonies.

For just a small taste, check out the video for single “My Shell”:

With something of a mission statement aiming to push the creative boundaries of rock, particularly thanks to the unique talents and tastes of world music lovers Quentin Dover (guitar) and Aerie Dover (bass), the album as a whole is something of a fusion. Driven by a love of rock but incorporating countless different cultures and ideas, Kadooge! often take left turns when listeners might expect a right, but each time the music surprises you it’s because it takes you somewhere new and surprising.

This kind of innovation isn’t just limited to their song writing either. Drummer Tony Montana has adapted a unique style of playing keyboards and drums simultaneously, with the incorporation of live looping using electronic percussion as well. You will not hear backing tracks at a Kadooge! show.

Everything is live.

The combination makes for a unique live spectacle, one which has won over many fans and turned industry heads too. Their live reputation has seen them open for world-renowned rockers Tantric, and has also won them a slot at the 2015 Homegrown Music Festival.

The US release party for the album, held at Kiss the Sky Records, was another highlight for the band, who absolutely floored the crowd with their stunning performance of the album. Kadooge! have certainly come a long way since their second show, where the muddle promoter listed them as       ‘K-Dog’….

You can find ‘Nothing is Almost Everything’ on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nothing-is-almost-everything/id941140569


Website:  http://www.kadooge.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kadooge

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/kadooge Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/kadooge YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaPdSYfZygMTnTRLsq04cCg Instagram: https://instagram.com/kadoogeband/ Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/kadooge

Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/kadooge

Kadooge drum

LEO album cover

After a storied career which has seen him work with legions of top names over his decades in the business, Leo Sayer is held up as one of the world’s finest songwriters for a good reason. He’s been around now for an incredible 43 years – and that kind of staying power is not a fluke, it’s down to hard work and talent.

His new album, ‘Restless Years’, is a self-reflexive, smart collection of songs. Lyrically knowing but without being obtuse, he writes about his personal experiences, views on music, and thoughts on life as he acknowledges he is reaching his latter days.

‘Restless Years’ is Leo Sayer’s first studio album in 6 years, and his 14th in total. And while the singles are unlikely to hit the heights of his various 80s/90s number one hits, this is an album that deserves all the plaudits it gets.

This is a fine song writer at work, in a laid back atmosphere which strips back some of the ‘pop’ aspects in order to land the lyrics better.

If you like good song writing, and who doesn’t, you can get the album now:



Leo Sayer profile


“This has to be one of the most fascinating and cleverly woven albums that I have had the pleasure to listen to for some years.”

Steve Sheppard, One World Music (OWM)

An instrumental musician with a great sense for layering and composition, Russell Suereth is an artist whose inspiration lies within the spiritual. His new album, ‘Spiritual Haven’, is one which is fittingly titled – a full length release which is designed to be an escape from the real world for listeners, and something of a concept album.

The new age stylings may not attract those with a more mainstream outlook, but an open mind will be rewarded by an album which unfolds into a meditative journey for listeners (see video at the base of the page for more). By combining ancient, traditional instrument sounds with new technologies and synths, Suereth has created a complimentary contrast between the traditional and the modern.

For a small taste of what you can expect, you can find the video for album track ‘Realization’ here:

With well-known reviewer and industry expert Keith Hannaleck as the assistant producer on the ‘Spiritual Haven’ album, Russell Suereth has moulded a release which is unique and intriguing, arresting and hypnotic all at the same time. Mastering duties were taken by Tom Eaton, for Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios, completing an impressive team who worked on the album.

Spiritual by nature, Russell Suereth is an artist whose dedication to his creative side comes out in many forms. Russell is also the creator of Music of Spiritual Places, a series of short videos about spiritual places around the world.

If you would like to know more about Russell Suereth, his music and his further projects, please click on the links below.

Video – ‘The Journey in Spiritual Haven’:  https://youtu.be/QGUHJRU_22w?list=PLHISH-mVZiVs–0rz8KZIcwv7pq9CXofP

Website: http://www.russellsuereth.com/spiritual-new-age-music

Further links:







Sarah Borges Press Photo 1

A singer-songwriter from Boston with a feisty sound, Sarah Borges is an upcoming rock-pop artist with a twist of country-blues soul. With a debut album on the way through Dry Lightning Records in 2016, her new single ‘Caught By The Rain’ does a fantastic job of setting the scene for what’s to come.

With a powerful, raw vocal and some lovely guitar licks sprinkled over a thumping, walking pace rhythm section, ‘Caught By The Rain’ is the quintessential driving song. Perfect for cruising with the windows down, this is pop laced rock and roll with no hint of cheese.

What you have instead is a hint of grit, a great vocal and a catchy-as-you-like chorus. One for the Sarah Borges win column, which makes us look forward to the album.

You can get ‘Caught By The Rain on Apple http://apple.co/1i7rIZ8, Google Play http://bit.ly/1N07hKt and Amazon http://amzn.to/1VhYghe

Sarah Borges cover

Prints Jackson

‘One song every month until the day I die’ – so goes the simple and clear mission statement from UK indie artist Prints Jackson.

It’s a mantra which perfectly sums up this Wales based songwriter’s ongoing project, one which has already started turning heads in the press thanks to the consistent quality of the releases. Once the project was underway, Virgin Music very quickly listed Prints Jackson at the very top of their ‘2014 innovations in music’, while the Metro also picked up on the ambitious project.

Having written music for games, film and television, as well recording and producing for other artists, Prints Jackson is already an experienced campaigner who seems to be revelling in his self-produced, gritty indie. The free form feel of the project allows him to experiment with sounds and genres, building music from recordings collected around the world, both in studio and out.

His latest track, driving indie song ‘Wisdom of Crowds’, speaks highly of current trends, in which people have more of a voice against the establishment. You can find the video here.



The video is produced by none other than Mat Whitecross, whose directorial credits include movies (Spike Island, Sex & Drugs &  Rock & Roll), TV series (Fleming, Spooks: Code 9), and music videos (Coldplay). Whitecross was so taken with the Prints Jackson project that he sent an email out of the blue, offering to put some Bollywood imagery to one of the upcoming releases. The result is the off-kilter, compelling clip above.

It’s just one example of how Prints Jackson continues to collaborate with and inspire those around him. The artwork for each of his monthly releases is produced by incredible artists based around the world, with the latest for ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ coming all the way from Montreal’s Alexy Prefontaine. Previous singles have featured artwork from Wales, London, Seattle, LA, Mexico and more, the list only set to expand further as the tracks continue to flow.

Collaborations with other independent artists are also in the pipeline, with Jim Ward (ATDI, SPARTA) and Matt Davies-Kreye (FFAF) on board for tracks planned for later this year.

Previous singles can be found, along with the dazzling array of artwork, at http://www.printsjackson.com/